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Ab jetzt kannst du dich auch wieder für den Start
unseres 7. Jahrgangs "Systemische Transformationsberatung" im Herbst anmelden.


- A 4-Day Gathering -


The world seems to be getting crazier by the day - and we could actually use a break. Instead, the stress just keeps piling on.

No wonder resilience has become one of the most prevalent buzzwords of our time. But can we really improve our ability to handle the ever-growing demands on our important work towards a better future? What does it take to develop a resilient personality, organization, or even society? 

Spoiler: Community and recreation are among the most important factors in this craft.

​That's why we offer this gathering for both alumni and (new) friends of the Transformation Design Academy - a gathering of like-minded people supporting, relaxing, and learning with each other.

In this camp, there's no pressure to perform. Yes, it's a co-creative training. But what you will make of it is up to you. We will only provide a basic frame to ensure that all participants get to know each other and offer to explore the basics of resilience together.

Besides that, there will be plenty of room for you to bring in other topics, hang out, enjoy the sauna by the lake or take a peaceful trip on one of our stand-up paddleboards.

A Co-Creative Training
A Group Experience
A Time Out

  • When: April 25-28 | 3pm - 1pm

  • Where: Neupitz (Only a bit south of Berlin) | Location

  • Who: Meet the Team! | Team

  • What: Insights, Practice & Relaxation | Content

  • Language: English and German

  • With whom: About 20 awesome people - both alumni & (new) friends. Just like you!
    Safe your spot early on - they are limited!

  • The training itself is free, we are all guests at Neupitz

  • Accommodation, Food & Space: 390 EUR incl. VAT

  • Join us! Questions? FAQ



  • This event is for anyone who resonates with the mission of the Transformation Design Academy.

  • It's for those genuinely interested in creating a better world, expanding their horizons, and acknowledging that we are all on a lifelong learning journey.

  • It's for people who enjoy learning collaboratively, sharing experiences, and growing together.


  • This camp is all about co-creation. We will achieve what we bring to life together. However, we will provide some initial impulses to unite as a group and propel our collective growth.

  • Resilience: We aim to share some basic insights from theory and practice with you, inviting you to further explore the topic alongside us.

  • Contribution: Seize the opportunity to test and discuss ideas, topics, and formats that excite you.

  • Inspiration: Get inspired by new people, ideas, and topics.

  • Community: Experience the power of a supportive group dynamic, forging meaningful connections and fostering collaborative learning.

  • Relaxation: Take a break from everyday life, nurturing your body, and drawing inspiration for personal growth.

What's in it concretly?




The afternoon of the first day at the camp is reserved for settling in, getting to your room, grabbing a snack, checking out the villa & the surroundings, and meeting your fellow camp-participants.

In the early evening, we all come together, getting to know each other a bit deeper through a first exercise, enjoying a delicious dinner together, and setting up the BarCamp >. We gather all of our and your ideas on what we would like to share and practice with the group (whether it's resilience-related or not) and together create a basic schedule for the days to come.



DAY 2 & 3


This is how a typical day at our camp could look like:

You wake up in the morning to the singing of the birds, open the bungalow door, and first see the lake lying still in the morning sun. The brave among you may choose to take a quick dip in the lake instead of hopping into the shower, or perform the sun salutation on the shore. Afterwards, a delicious breakfast awaits you in the villa, which you enjoy while chatting with other camp participants about what you feel like doing today.

Around 10 o'clock, we gather together, start with an embodiment exercise, and then split up as we please to engage in various activities throughout the day (inputs, workshops, discussions,
self-experience exercises, sports...).

At half past 12, the bell rings, calling everyone together for lunch. Afterward, you might want to take some time for yourself, so you grab a SUP board and enjoy the tranquility of the lake. But only until 4 o'clock, then you may  host a workshop on a topic that's close to your heart, which you can now share with a grateful audience.

In the evening, the outdoor oven is fired up for self-made pizzas, and because you might feel a bit chilly afterward, you may be even more tempted to try out the barrel sauna or gather around the campfire. By the time a few glasses of beer or wine have been enjoyed, more and more people get in the mood for dancing, and the party continues in the villa.




Resilience is more than bouncing back from adversity, challenges, or setbacks. It encompasses not only adapting to difficult situations and maintaining a positive outlook but also delving into the roots of our responses to stressors and transforming them into sources of growth. At the camp, we'll explore resilience as the capacity to emerge from challenges more empowered and capable than before.




To harness the knowledge, experiences, and creativity within the group, we organize this gathering as a BarCamp. At a BarCamp, the agenda is set by the attendees themselves at the beginning of the event.

In addition to our suggestions for resilience-related theoretical input and exercises that encourage reflection and strengthen connections, you are warmly invited to bring your own topics, formats, and exercises and to practice as facilitators, yoga instructors or perhaps djs. Whatever resonates with the group will find its place.


In addition to the official program, there's always the opportunity to retreat, enjoy nature, journal, warm up in the sauna with a view over the lake, chat by the campfire, dance, and play.




If everything has gone smoothly, the camp has been a vibrant experience of the present moment for you. At this juncture, let's reflect on what we can take from the past few days into our daily lives. In doing so, we will both individually and collectively contemplate the transfer.

What remains? We strive to ensure that you retain experiences that have not only affected your mind but also deeply resonated within your body and consciousness. Connections that accompany you beyond the camp. And a beautiful memory that warms your heart for a long time to come.




Neupitz is a newly founded space for co-working and team retreats, beautifully situated directly by the lake. And yes, we are partners!

We will have the entire villa at our disposal, including several workshop and co-working rooms, bungalows, sauna (at the lake), private pier and the natural area, exclusively reserved for our group.

Accommodation will be in 2-bed rooms with private bathrooms within the villa or the bungalows (some with lake view). Please let us know if you prefer to share a room with a specific person.

Food will be vegetarian with a variety of vegan options available. It will be served three times a day (except on arrival and departure days). 

Want to know more?

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-11 um 14.37_edited.jpg

Less than an hour away from Berlin!

You can reach Neupitz easily by either public transport or car. By train and bus, it only takes 45 min from Berlin Ostkreuz. Free parking is available on-site.


Meet the Organizers

At the Transformation Design Academy, we are passionate about finding solutions for our collective future. Personal development plays a crucial role in this endeavor. Our primary goal at this camp is to foster group cohesion to create the best possible learning environment we can imagine. However, it's also an opportunity for you to learn more about us, especially if you're interested in what we do, such as our training in Systemic Transformation Consulting.


Trainer, Participant, Co-Creator

Wonderful Human Being


Academy Host, Trainer

Systemic Organizational Developer, Social

Entrepreneur, Transformation Designer


Organizer, Feelgood Manager

Trauma-Sensitive Therapeutic Touch-Practitioner



Q: Is this like a regular training that I would book at the Transformation Design Academy?

A: No, this is truly a co-creative event. We organize the gathering beforehand to bring us together at the same time at the same place, set the basic rules for our mutual experience and provide first ideas to get us going. However, you are as responsible for its success as anybody else.

Q: What are the basic rules that I need to follow if I want to join in?

A: We are all guests at Neupitz and must adhere to their house rules. Additionally, co-creation necessitates mutual respect, willingness to cooperate, and adherence to collective decisions. We also request that you follow our basic facilitation prompts and introductions to ensure a seamless group experience.

Q: Is this a therapeutic program?
A: No, this is a co-creative training designed to train us some basic skills for managing acute stress and challenging situations. It offers a relaxed time-out, meaningful connections, and opportunities for personal growth. However, we'll also provide hints for further development that may guide you deeper into your healing journey. Ultimately, you decide how deep you want to delve and what you're ready to process.

Q: Do I need to participate in weird exercises?
A: Personally, we don't consider our suggested exercises weird, but you're always welcome to opt out if you prefer :-)

Q: What is included in the fees?
A: 3 Nights in cozy 2 single-bed rooms or bungalows
(some with lake view) with private bathrooms, 3 delicious vegetarian or vegan meals a day (starting with dinner at the first day and ending with lunch on the last day) + coffee/tea and snacks throughout the day, the whole charming villa and outside area to ourselves, sauna with panoramic view over the lake. 


Q: Can I reserve a single room?
A: Unfortunately, we're unable to offer single rooms due to limited availability. However, you're welcome to bring a tent or camper if that's feasible for you! Please note that spots for tents and campers are limited, so it's best to inquire beforehand. The price for food and accommodation remains the same, as it's already heavily discounted.

Q: Who are the organizers?
A: The camp is organized by Sven Stegemann and his team at the Transformation Design Academy. This academy offers training in systemic transformation consulting and related skills and topics. While most of our programs are currently taught in German, we are in the process of expanding our offerings.

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